Hot Cross Bun Time!

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So this is a bit embarrassing…. I haven’t written a blog post in nearly 3 years. It always seems to be on the to do list but never seems to get done – sorry! Nevertheless I’ve managed to put one … Read More

Picnic fodder

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I love a picnic – food, open air, sunshine and bird song… what’s not to love!? Fortunately Zac and Lily are quite keen too. Zac loves anything that involves a packed lunch, quite a common trait in 4 year olds I … Read More

Happy Birthday Lily

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It was Lily’s first birthday last week. I always feel that 1st birthday parties are not really for the baby, more for the parents and siblings. Like a celebration ‘You’ve made it, you have successfully shepherded your tiny baby through … Read More

Launch day approaches

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So I’ve never written a blog before, I’ve read loads (seriously loads) but I’m still not sure what I want this Zac and Lily blog to be about. I’ve been working hard to get our products onto the website and … Read More